We are a Software Development team

Software development firm Red Sun IT Services places a strong emphasis on customer happiness and product quality. It was established in 2019 as a division of the Giga Group. Third-party clients can purchase software solutions from Red Sun IT Services. Web design and development, app development, social media management, 3D modeling, graphic design, SEO, and many other services are among the ones we offer. Through our excellent services, we aim to make sure that we're not merely resolving people's issues but also completely comprehending their wants. 

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Our Mission

To be an internationally recognized organization that provides customer-centric, result-oriented, cost-competitive, and efficient software solutions to our valuable global clients.

Our Vision

Vision is to be the partner of choice for those who believe that faster, more reliable, and profitable software development can change businesses for the better.

Our unique work process

Phase 1 - Brainstorming

When you come up with an idea for a project, Responsibility matters, we take action from there. Our first phase is to get started on the road toward creating your project. This phase involves getting all the members to contribute their ideas and offer their opinions during the discussion. It makes everyone feel valuable and accountable for the outcome. It has an impact on the entire development process and how things are being done.

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Phase 2 - Project Analysis

In the second phase of our work process, we decide the estimated duration of the project. Specific tasks needed to be accomplished are determined along with resources needed, the effort required, and the cost that will be incurred to complete the project.

Phase 3 - Design & Prototype

We take into account your tastes and preferences and provide you with a list of options that are likely to be most appealing to you. Our team builds and creates the whole structure and design of the project to be used for the next phase of our work process. We also identify the functionality of the product, which further reduces the margin of potential errors to be avoided in the future.

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Phase 4 - Development

We execute every project with carefulness and precision . In this phase, we integrate all sources and information collected to complete the development of your project. We take your requirements as seriously as you do. Our developers convert the design into a working system that takes care of all the requirements addressed.

Phase 5 - Evaluation

Our evaluation process involves usability, capacity, and performance testing. This will identify any issues with the project’s development and design itself. We make sure quality is never compromised for speed and cost. We make sure your project is bug-free and scalable to maximize the performance, giving you peace of mind as well as a healthy bottom line.

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Phase 6 - Release

The last phase of our work process is the most crucial one. Here we release the project in its final form and hand it over to you. We believe that this is an important part of completing a successful project, that is why we provide you with all the necessary information on how to maintain your project, what should be done when there are technical problems etc.

Our Great Growing Team

Meet our team

Faiq Javed

Software Engineering Manager

Zubair Shahzad

Sr. Graphic Designer & SE Intern

Muhammad Umar

Jr. Software Engineer (Full Stack)

Hamza Naseer

Jr. Software Engineer (Full Stack)

Fartash Shahzaib

Web Developer

Mah Noor

Human Resources Executive

Aiman Rizwan

Business Development Executive