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About the project

A web application designed to provide a better office experience in just clicks away!


1 week

Type Of Project

Web Application

Client's Requirement

Kubikate aims to provide professional working space for up-and-coming organizations, or businessperson who just need a temporary space to work on a trip. Making sure you never need to step out of your comfort space wherever you are, kubikate is the right choice for todays on the go business environment.

These days finding the right space is like searching for a needle in a haystack. The biggest hurdle is figuring out the right place for your business. No space is perfect unless it is designed to your exact specifications.

A web service which provides office space to your exact specifications making sure you never have to step out of your comfort zone when you are hard at work. The customers can pick their desired working space from the list and let the team know what they want and where they want it and leave the rest to our working professionals.

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Key Features

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Soutions we Developed

The platform focuses on providing the best possible solution for customers by introducing them to a variety of office spaces. Customers without practically going through the hassle of searching for the office spaces can just let our professionals know their requirements, sit back, and let us do all the work for you.

Not only urgent but the platform offers you to schedule offices for whenever you want however long you want them. make your booking and get the job done on your desired day, duration, and location.

The Kubikate team provides customers with the option of customizing the desired office space to their own specifications, conference room, kitchen services, high speed internet or modern working spaces whatever they may be, ensuring complete satisfaction and comfort for the customers.

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